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Synx has been cancelled due to Windows and GNU/Linux gaining full MTP support natively. We want to thank everyone for all the support through all of Synx's changes and challenges. To see our newer products go to or if you want to see some of our current open source efforts go to and


Project Description
Synx makes it easier for all Android users to sync their phone with their computer!

Project News

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  • Syncs Music
  • Syncs Videos
  • Syncs Movies
  • Syncs Pictures
  • Syncs all your multimedia with just one button!
  • Smart Backup
  • AirSynx
  • DCIM Backup
  • Much, Much, Much More!

Features to look forward to:

  • A cleaner UI and less junk on the Windows version.
  • Support for MTP (Android 4.0+) on the Windows version.

What the media has said:

  • Most Android users, including myself, have to first connect Android to the computer and then manually move files to the local folders and vice versa. There is no way to sync photos, videos, movies, and pictures between the your computer and your Android phone... Synx is an open source application to sync Music, Videos, Movies, and Pictures between your Andriod phone and user-defined local folders. The benefit is that when the change is made on either side, it is reflected on both ends. All that is required to set up Synx is to specify the path of the Andriod device drive, followed by local directories on your PC. -

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