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How to Synx:

Written for Synx for Windows 2.00 Beta (Synx

1. Plug your Android Device or your Android Device’s Micro SD card into the computer.

2. Enable USB Mass Storage on the screen that pops up in your android device:


3. Note down the drive letter for your phone (It will be something like E: or L:)

4. Open Synx if you have not already.

5. Tell Synx where your music is if it does not have it in the text box already:


6. Tell Synx what content you want to Synx e.g. music:


7. Tell Synx the drive letter that you noted down in step 3 (Something like E: or L:):


8. Hit the gigantic button saying ‘SYNX!” This will start synxing your device:


Note: Synx may stop responding if this happens just leave your computer be while Synx is synxing your phone it is just your computer complaining about transferring a large amount of files.

Note: When you Synx you may get an exception, just click continue and ignore it.

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